Heart Attacks, Back to Back​.​.​.

by Kite Operations

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released April 10, 2007

Written and performed by Kite Operations between January 2005 and August 2006, except 8, written by Kite Operations and Jack Tung
Lyrics by Kim, except 4 and 7 by Yang
Recorded and mixed by Kim, assisted by Yang, at K.O.A.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY
Artwork and design by susan@blackhaed.com

Joseph Kim: vocals and guitar (R)
David Yang: guitar (L), vocals (lead on 4 and 7), extra percussion on 9
Jie Whoon Kang: bass guitar
Sung Shin: drums


all rights reserved



Kite Operations New York

Joseph Kim - guitar, voice
David Yang - guitar, voice
Jie Whoon Kang - bass
Andrew Blanchard - drums

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Track Name: I Want to See
i want to see
i want to see
i want to see
please show me

show me your darkest place
it's the best thing about you
embrace me with heaviest limbs
it's the best thing that you could do

do you need me?
do you need me??
destroy me!
destroy me!!
destroy me!!!
Track Name: the Last Flight Out Left With No Warning
a big change is coming
the cities are ruined, so we fled
this era is flashing before my eyes

drive on through straight til morning
last flight out left with no warning
giddy up, we're leaving the country now

bleary eyed, thirsty, hungry
clothes are wet, my wounds are dirty
hurry on up the border's closing now

gasoline, suck it out, steal it
money's worthless, no use, burn it
hurry hurry up we can't dilly dally
hurry hurry hurry up we can't dilly dally!
Track Name: Chimera
twin i swallowed in the womb
my brother i ate you at birth
i became a murderer, my own body rejects me
but you can call me "chimera"

you say the best thing about your life
is you can leave it any time
and you say it
with a smile
you call me a mockery of what i could have been
we can talk now, it's okay, i don't love you

the sin of gluttony in such hard times
just take what you need, no more or maybe less
who cares for dogs these days but as food
we can eat tonight, my baby died
oh i guess you're not so numb after all
now she blurs, i'm salty leather
can you smell your own neck?
Track Name: Good Morning
you can take the tunnel
and you can take your plane
and when we come back here
to the middle
maybe we'll find our forgiveness again

false start
we'll find out was it worth our...
let's not wonder out loud
just find these
these pieces, our history
and maybe we'll find our forgiveness again

the roads, the ruins, the ramps, and rain...

now you can't find me anymore
i won't be here when you're gone
i can't believe you
i can't believe you
til i see you leave

you can take the tunnel
and you can take your plane
and when we come back here
to the middle
maybe we'll find our forgiveness again
Track Name: Comfort
several years have passed since you have hid away
but i can find you in my thoughts
on any given day

i used to feel such sadness
but i'd keep it to myself
i wouldn't want to put other people
through my selfish hell

comfort is hateful
i'll find my way out
lies, i despise thee
hope clings obscenely

line is growing
quick beyond believing
Track Name: One-itis
i wake up slowly
you rest your face on mine
with you i act so childy
unguarded see my mind

your lovely body, the least of what i need
i give you my complete trust
so convince me to believe

that you and me
really, truly can be

teach me how to steal you
there has got to be a way
you know me so completely
so what am i about to say?

one day you'll grow old
you'll evoke your parents faces
you'll remember better days our kids will never see

if you and me
really, truly can be
Track Name: Killing / Afternoon
this is the time for everything, everything
from beginning to ending
from innocence to sin

grace, grace to these dimming eyes
until i will, until i wake, until i say goodbye

the emptiness that fills my bones
with heavy hopes and hollow stones
until i sink beneath the sea of forcefields forever

sleep, sleep close my eyes
so i can rest, rest tonight
dreams, please stay away
i want to die til the break of day
son, why don't you stay?
maybe the clouds won't notice that i'm afraid
afraid of here
Track Name: Our Homes
our homes were washed away
and our families are missing
these roads lead nowhere
just one big parking lot for cars

so where're you going now
when there's nothing left for you
here or anywhere?
here or anywhere, stay with me and
i'll be your one
and you can be my one
Track Name: A Day Outside
i've got two babies waiting for me (back at home!)
one of them is forgetting me
the other ain't even looked upon my face yet

i stopped two strangers on the road today (state your name!)
one of them says he's my friend
the other's got a bomb, he's gonna blow up in my face

grab his hands!
drag him out!
lay him down!
tie him up!

oh my god, they're gonna bust his head!

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